Bounce House with Slide

Our most popular option!

At 30% larger than those “other guys” it features an enormous 15 foot by 15 foot interior bouncing area so the kids have lots of room to spread out.  In addition, there’s an eight foot slide attached and most units feature a basket ball hoop as well!  The Bounce House with Slide is perfect for all ages seeking endless hours of Bounce House fun!

One resonalbe price rents this monster fun house for ALL DAY because we’re not stingy with the time.  We’re more interested in making sure everyone has a fun filled day in the Bounce House!

Price includes ALL DAY rental, delivery, friendly staff setup, safety training, and same day take down.  The Bounce House with Slide requires a minimum 20×22 foot flat setup area and at least 15 foot height clearance from trees, power lines, etc.

per day

Customer Reviews

Kevin loved the Bounce House with Slide...

Great stuff.

May 30th, 2019